Welcome To Swiss American Academy

The MISSION of Swiss American Academy is to nurture the cultural heritage of all students while providing them with a world-class education equipping them for global leadership roles in government, commerce, academia and the professions

Universal Language

All subjects are taught in English, which is adapted to the language ability of the student and includes variable speed audio tracks.

Structured Methods

Each lesson is structured with a pre-test, the main lesson and a post-test with the opportunity to retake post-tests to achieve a grade that reflects mastery.


Courses earn U.S. academic credit and SAA graduates are awarded exactly the same fully accredited High School Diploma as an American student.

Improve Results

Improved listening, speaking, grammar & spelling skills for IELTS, TOEFL & SAT tests.

Skills For Life

SAA students are self-directed, confident and able to incorporate feedback into their work.

STEM Focused

In the SAA Leadership Program: STEM focused Project Based Learning is led by tutors from Oxford and Cambridge

CEO Gareth N. Genner speaks to the Georgia Public Policy Foundation on the viability of Educational Savings Accounts

Registration for SAA Genius Olympiad

28/01/2016 - Chemistry, Biology, English.
12/03/2016 - Physics, Methematics, English.

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Why Choose Us

  • Special interest clubs include: Literature, Computers, Art, Economics and Science.
  • College & University counseling for US / UK and Swiss higher education.
  • SAA Global Exchange programs (for Students & Teachers).
  • SAA scholarships and 50% discount for winter term at the SAA Campus in Switzerland.
  • 10% discounts for study abroad programs from SAA.
  • Each student has their own personal SAA page.
  • The SAA support team is available 24 / 7

Swiss Campus

Swiss Alpine Centre,
Route du Belvédère,
1854, Leysin, Switzerland,
P: +41 24 477 6000
F: +41 24 493 3061

UK Campus

Gordon Lodge,
25 St. Anne’s Road,
East Sussex,
BN21 2DJ, UK

US Campus

101 California Street
Suite 2710
San Fransisco, CA

Kazakhstan Campus:

Coming soon..
P: + 7 771 493 0000
P: + 7 926 373 5294